Life sized Star Wars Jabba the Hut prop

This project is about Jabba the Hut, check out my other Star Wars props

As an aside to building R2-D2 and C-3PO, I decided to stick to the Star Wars theme and build a giant Jabba the Hut. This will also be great for my Star Wars themed party that I'm planning.

I wanted it to fit over my TV and DVD storage cabinet, so it will be built to fit around it. Jabba's plinth/thrown is made from three large boxes. Here's the main shape of Jabba made from lots of boxes stuck together:

I bought a large reel of corrugated cardboard, this is hot-glued on to smooth out the edges. I also bought a lot of 1/2" foam:

Here's the partially covered in foam:

I bought these expanded polystyrene hemispheres:

I've vacuum formed over them so that the spray paint doesn't melt the polystyrene:

The arms are made from blocks of foam:

I've covered Jabba with very thin fabric which is spray-glued onto him all over to make his scaly skin. Still have his arms to take care of

Next he will be painted a greeny-blacky-grey with car paints. This is the start of Salacious Crumb - the little bird-monkey creature that sits next to Jabba. He is made from a wire coat hanger frame. I've padded him out with foam, bubble wrap and brown tape. His hands, feet and ears are made from a prototyping plastic called Polymorph.

Jabba is now finished. I made Han Solo in Carbonite by printing out a big picture on about 50 sheets of A4 and sticking them all together: