This page is an index of the current progress for my Iron Man Hulkbuster cosplay suit.

There is also a YouTube play list.

Concept and Initial Sketches

This article shows roughly what I'm intending to build and my concept of core functionality.

Frame Building

Building the frame/stilts out of Plywood


Starting work on the hands so I can size the forearms and arm frame assembly


Building the Forearm mechanism with opening weapon pod

Arms and Shoulders

Working my way up the arm and building the shoulder mechanisms


Shoulders and Biceps

Fleshing out the biceps and shoulder bell frames

Rear Gullwing Doors

Designing and building the mechanism to open the rear doors to let the wear in and out of the suit.

Unibeam & Arc Reactor Unit

This part of the suit is a joint project with Adafruit - check out the article for more info and links.

Chest Plate

Chest Plate panels and Unibeam mounting.


The design for the opening and closing helmet sections

Helmet V2

The second design for the opening and closing helmet sections

Changing the Proportions of the Suit

After building the helmet, I decided to make the suit a little wider

Framing and skinning the legs

Building 3D printed frames and skinning the legs.

Shoulder Pods

Opening Shoulder Pods for canons or other gadgets

Hands Version 2

New hands and forearms to replace the originals

Coming Soon