3D Printed Projects - Chuck Key Holder Replacement

This page is about making a Chuck Key Holder Replacement, check out the project index for the rest of my 3D printed projects.

The rubber chuck key holder on my drill split, so I decided to make a better replacement in ABS plastic, using Autodesk123D Design to model the part, and my Lulzbot AO-101 3D printer to print it.

Here's a YouTube video about the whole process of making this piece, including CAD, and trial and error sizing. Scroll down for more pictures and words.

Here are pictures of the original rubber piece that has split, the CAD drawing, and the printed part:

I added a small piece of foam to the piece, so that the chuck key doesn't rattle around, and then I cable tied it to the drill in place of the original holder:

You can download the 123D source file and the STL file if you'd like to make your own.