This page is an index of the current progress for my 3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Suit.

There will also be a YouTube play list.

3D Printing Technology

This page discusses printing hybrid rigid and flexible parts in ABS and Ninjaflex using a Lulzbot TAZ 3 with FlexyDualie multiple extruders.

Fingers & Handbacks

3D printed fingers and rubber handbacks printed with dual extruders on my Lulzbot TAZ


Working my way up the arm



The head and Jaw structure

Inner Jaw Mechanism

Building the mechanism to bring the inner jaws in and out and open them

Shoulder Brace, Head Mount & Chest

Building a shoulder brace so the head can be worn on my head!


Animatronic  tail sections mounted on foam pipe insulation.

Dorsal Tubes

The Tubes on Alien's back

Feet & Legs

3D Printed Digitigrade stilts and knee/thigh parts in Ninjaflex

Lighting the suit

Lighting the suit with 3D printed Taulman T-Glase sections