This page is an index of the current progress for my Iron Man MkVI Costume Armour project. Each section details the steps I took to make the suit, including every process and material used.

There is also a YouTube play list which is over three hours long.

The Foam suit

The foam building process for my Iron Man life sized Armour including a link to the Pepakura templates and YouTube videos about the process. The foam was sealed with PVA, Plastidip, and then painted. Pictures of all the finished pieces are included. I used Plastazote/EVA foam from a foam supplier, although you could use EVA foam floor mats, yoga mats, and others.

My new plastic coating process for foam

I didn't use this for this project buy wished I had. A process I came up with for rigid plastic coating expanded polystyrene and Plastazote/EVA foam with off the shelf items, which gives an excellent finish to costume/prop parts. The surface can then be painted with plastic primer and automotive paints. A YouTube video is included demonstrating the process on a test piece.

Moulding and casting

Once I had all the foam pieces of the armour made, I moulded them all in Silicone RTV rubber with a rigid mother mould, and cast them in Polyurethane resin and fiberglass. This means I could make a rigid suit than can be filled and sanded, and painted up with a good finish.

Making wrap-around moulds for arms and legs

The moulds for the arms and legs were made as one continuous piece of Silicone RTV, with a two part rigid mother mould. This means that the mould is easier to make, and has less seam lines. It was intended that all the pieces would be rotocast from Polyurethane resin into these moulds.

Finishing the rigid suit

This page includes pictures of all the Iron Man Armour rigid pieces as I cast and finish them, from raw casts to cleaned up pieces.

Torso Mechanics & Strapping V2

This is the second version of the strapping system for my Iron Man suit. The first version will be modified so that the 'mechanics' are fitted inside each piece of armour, rather than being a thing you put on first.

Ab, Kidneys and Spine

The Ab plate itself was originally made with foam, and then moulded and cast to make a rigid plate. However at that stage I didn't make the rest of the Ab section - the Kidney and Spine parts.

Revisiting the legs

It's been a while since I originally built the legs along with their strapping/mounting system. I've since acquired a 3D printer, so I have decided to revisit them.

Remoulding the helmet

Once I had one good helmet I decided to remould it so that I could make goods casts to turn into other versions, such as one with a removable face plate. The mould was also designed to allow for fiberglassing into each half, so the mould is split in two. Pictures of the complete mould making process are included.

Producing a 3D printed Hip Pod

For the Hip Pod of the Iron Man suit, I designed the piece with Autocad 123D and had it 3D printed at Shapeways. This was them moulded and cast so that I can make a pair for the suit.

Arm Opening Mechanism

I decided that the arms should be self supporting, rather than being attached to the rest of the armour at the shoulders - this means they will need a method of gripping the wearer's arms. I also decided that the arms should open and close like they do in the suiting up sequence in the movie.

Hand Armour

This article shows the process for building the hand armour with LED clusters in the palms. This is done by life casting my own hands, and using them to sculpt clay over.

Suit Central Control System

The central control system for the suit will be menu driven so that I can control all it's functions from one or two buttons.

Faceplate mechanism Version 2

This is the second version of my motorised faceplate mechanism, using only one servo and mostly 3D printed parts.

Faceplate mechanism

This article shows an overview of the motorised face plate for one version of my Iron Man Helmet. A YouTube video is included showing a demonstration as well as pictures of the mechanism being built.

The Suit's Unibeam

This is the suit's chest repulsor which will be an extremely bright light.

3D Printed Arc Reactor Prop

This is Arc Reactor prop which has been designed for printing on a home 3D printer.


Arc Reactor

I made this Iron Man Arc Reactor prop from items I found in the 99p store in the UK, otherwise known as the Dollar Store. There are pictures of all the pieces I used, as well as a YouTube video explaining how I assembled them to make the prop. I also used some electronic components which you can easily obtain.

Lighting the suit

I made light up lenses for my Iron Man helmet which you can also see through. This page includes pictures of the step by step process for making something similar.

Exoskeleton Strapping System

Upper Body: The strapping system has been created to allow each rigid piece to attach with magnetic catches, which will eventually allow a machine to place the armour on the wearer. A YouTube build play list is also included.

Exoskeleton Strapping System

Lower Body and Legs: The strapping system has been created to allow each rigid piece to attach with magnetic catches, which will eventually allow a machine to place the armour on the wearer. A YouTube build play list is also included.