3D Printed Projects - TomTom Sat Nav Bracket Repair

This page is about repairing a TomTom Sat Nav Bracket, check out the project index for the rest.

I was asked to think of a solution for repairing a broken windscreen sucker mount for a TomTom, I decided to use my 3D printer to make a new part.

Here's a YouTube video about the whole process of making this piece, including CAD, slicing, and printing. Scroll down for more pictures and words.

The original bracket is broken in multiple places. There is a ball joint which has snapped, as well as the original sucker which is broken and lost. The next two pictures show a 'donor' windscreen mount which is for a cell phone. The phone holder detaches, so my plan was to make a bridge part to join the ball-socket to the new sucker clip.

I used AutoCAD123D Design to build the part, this is free software. The full process for preparing and printing the part is shown in the video above. I'm using a Lulzbot AO-101 3D printer, printing in 3mm ABS with a 0.5mm nozzle and 0.4mm layer height.

Here's the printed part, which I trimmed a little with a file to make it a snug fit in the ball-socket. The original TomTom mount now marries up with the new sucker mount.

If you would like to make your own, then here is the 123D file, and the STL file.