This is a series of articles about 3D printed projects, CAD, and anything else associated.

There is a YouTube play list which holds all my 3D printing project videos.

About the 3D Printer Hardware

I have a Lulzbot AO-101 3D printer which is based around a Reprap Mendelmax.

3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Suit

This project will be almost entirely 3D Printed. The original alien suit in the movie was made from a combination of fiberglass and latex rubber. I attempted a similar build to this some time ago which proved messy and time consuming.

TomTom Sat Nav Bracket Repair

I was asked to think of a solution for repairing a broken windscreen sucker mount for a TomTom, I decided to use my 3D printer to make a new part.

Android 12

This is my 3D printed bipedal humanoid android project, which has it's own project index and will be ongoing for some time,

Smoothing 3D Printed Parts in an Acetone Vapour Bath

3D printed parts in ABS plastic can be smoothed in a bath of acetone vapour. We made a video at our local Makerspace/Hackerpsace of the process, including safety testing.

3D Printed Arc Reactor Prop

This is Arc Reactor prop which has been designed for printing on a home 3D printer.


Drill Chuck Key Replacement

The rubber chuck key holder on my drill split, so I decided to make a better replacement in ABS plastic, using Autodesk123D Design to model the part, and my Lulzbot AO-101 3D printer to print it.

Back To The Future Mr Fusion Prop

This page is about my replica Mr Fusion build - the 'home energy reactor' which powers the Delorean in BTTF 2

Coming soon